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  • Applications for the 2018 Leadership Abroad Academy - Italy Available November 1, 2017

    Michelle Marcial – Graduate Leadership Abroad Academy 2017 – Paris

    Creating Women Leaders One Girl At A Time
    Helping teenage girls improve their self-esteem and self-confidence through international travel and cultural immersion.

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Prancing Ponies Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit focused on helping teenage girls improve their self-esteem and self-confidence through international travel and cultural immersion to become Future Women Leaders.

Our mission is ‘Creating Women Leaders One Girl at a Time’

Our goal is to ‘Create Women Leaders One Girl at a Time’. We accomplish this goal by sending high school graduating girls abroad for the summer to teach them leadership skills while they volunteer at a company based on their career choice. We designed our program based on the belief that you have to know how to lead yourself before you can lead others and the best leaders have high self-esteem and self-confidence. I’m sure you’ll agree that international travel changed your life and this is the same opportunity we are offering these young scholars. This year we are proud to announce that we are sending our first cohort of 4 girls to Paris, France for our 7-week Leadership-Abroad Academy.

The idea for the Foundation stems from an experience in San Francisco where I was at a stop sign next to a bus stop watching 3 teenage girls ‘be teenage girls’ and reminiscing about my own experience as a teenager.  The girls suddenly grew silent and I noticed they were looking at me.  One of the girls said ‘Miss, I like your car’ and without knowing where this came from I said ‘I expect you to get one too’.  Our eyes locked and I’ll never forget her little face as she slowly nodded in agreement.  I knew in that moment there was a real connection made with her and that I could use my Ferrari to inspire young girls.  It’s a dream to be able to combine my passion for helping teenage girls become leaders and driving my Ferrari – actually I’ve come to realize it’s my life’s purpose. My first experience living abroad changed my life forever when I moved to Monaco to obtain my MBA in Entrepreneurship in 2007. My resulting success through hard work combined with my international business experience, culminated in my becoming the first employee of a startup biotech. I then purchased my first Ferrari and the concept for the Prancing Ponies Foundation and its fundraisers the Prancing Ponies Rally and Prancing Ponies Car Show was born.

Read a touching letter sent to Prancing Ponies, written by a mother who met us during the Rally when we stopped at a restaurant in Carmel.  This is the inspiration that drives us to help as many girls as possible.

The Prancing Ponies Foundation’s primary fundraising event; Prancing Ponies Rally a 501(c)7 is the first all-Female Ferrari Rally in the US.

prancing-ponies-rallyPrancing Ponies Rally is a 501(c)7 is the first all-Women Ferrari Rally in the World. The Rally is also the primary FUNdraising event for the Prancing Ponies Foundation’s Leadership-Abroad Academy. We are an international community of Women Ferrari drivers that want to support the next generation of Women Leaders.  The rally is an annual event which moves to a different country every year.  Our first year was San Francisco to Santa Barbara, this year is Milan to Monaco, and next year is London to Edinburgh.  All funds raised support our purpose of ‘Creating Women Leaders One Girl at a Time’!



PO Box 1942 Mill Valley CA 94942

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We rely on your support to make a difference. Consider becoming a sponsor of the rally or make a donation that goes directly to Creating Women Leaders One Girl at a Time.